Riskhub is the UK’s leading Compliance Data Management System

A cloud based solution designed to support organisations
in managing their property portfolios by consolidating all their compliance data. Riskhub provides complete control, transparency and accountability. Compliance made simple.

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Clear and visible

An instant visual on all your compliance data from current actions to in-depth reporting and analysis.

Riskhub’s global functionality enables full sight of a programme of works bringing ease and clarity to your data management obligations. From stocklist data and actions management to forecasting and implementing a schedule of works, Riskhub’s multi-layered functionality can accommodate all your data compliance needs. Simple and sophisticated, the data is easily accessed and allows you to filter at a granular level enabling deeper analysis and more accurate reporting.

Data integrity

Compliance obligations are streamlined by keeping all your data in one place.

From fire and gas to asbestos and legionella and any other associated periodic testing, we’ve got it covered. The data cannot be lost destroyed or manipulated and it remains yours at all times. Data inputs to the system immediately creating a dynamic overview and is retained for historical reference and continuous audit. Once the entire stocklist or programme of works is uploaded, the system’s intuitive functionality eliminates data duplication and secures complete data integrity.

Adaptable and intelligent

Riskhub is smart and can integrate and evolve with your current systems.

Two-way API functionality is supported within Riskhub. We also accommodate the sourcing and depositing of data from third party systems that have their own API links. This allows for either a third party asset management system or Riskhub to be the data owner while offering the other system flexible and easy access to it.

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