About Riskhub

A platform bringing seamless order to data chaos.

Prominent tiles highlighting the number of actions and their current status.

A visual indication of the progress of compliance actions.

An easy to read dashboard giving you a clear understanding of your current compliance requirements.

The ability to see all upcoming actions due by 12 or 24 months and depending on the property risk level.

Quick view of all team members along with their activity and compliance action summary.

The Problem

We discovered that the onerous data management obligations of large organisations led to numerous problems, which Riskhub was designed to alleviate. Such issues include:

  • Many people needing data information and no effective forum for sharing it
  • Missing due dates
  • Managing multiple actions
  • Corrupted and inconsistent data
  • Data duplication leading to inefficiencies and added costs

The Solution

In response to these problems, we developed a cloud-based system that consolidates and manages all your compliance data. Riskhub achieves this through:

  • Chronological and comprehensive audit trails
  • Managing actions in a dynamic visible format
  • Multi level access throughout an organisation, both internal and external
  • Bespoke solutions to one off requests
  • Unique user permissions
  • Simple monitoring
  • Incorruptible data

Riskhub is the golden thread of compliance.

Securely hosted in the cloud, Riskhub eliminates the chaos and inefficiency of working with spreadsheets and offline systems, radically reducing the potential for mistakes and duplication common to ageing technologies.

The ramifications of better data management within a large organisation are manifold. A system that is simple transparent and adaptable will enable your organisation to thrive. With better accountability and in-built efficiencies, people are able to enjoy their roles more fully, which leads to less stress and a happy productive team.

Riskhub is intuitive and easy to use, designed to integrate with other systems and compliant with all UK legislation. It will free up time and substantially reduce costs.

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