The Company

We believe that good, clean data is the foundation for progress. We make sure of it.

Proudly female-led, and with decades of experience in risk, compliance, software and many other areas, we bring diverse viewpoints to every challenge, and always look for better ways of problem solving.

We couple our broad knowledge with a no-nonsense approach that cuts through complexity, and we care deeply about improving our clients’ working lives through technology. We’re really proud of our customer service and support offering, and work in true partnership with our clients to make the world of compliance management a better place. Because it doesn’t have to be hard.

Management Team

Sarah Herbison


Sarah has a wealth of experience in business operations. It became apparent from many years working in the fire risk assessment industry that a centralised management system was needed. A brilliant strategist, she oversees the continued refinement of Riskhub. Because the cost savings for administration and implementation of a programme of works is so huge, her priority is on bespoking the system for clients.

Riskhub CEO Shortlisted for Major Award

Dearbhail McParland


Dearbhail heads up our accounting team. She is ACA and CTA qualified in both the UK and Republic of Ireland. She has over 25 years accounting experience and deals with all areas of financial planning and advises us on savvy ways to grow the business. Dearbhail also helps ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations in the office.

Kate Thain

Software Support Manager

Kate’s extensive technical experience was gained within the NHS and she now heads up the software support and systems management team, road testing and implementing the software and fixing any issues that arise. Kate demonstrates Riskhub to new clients, showing how it can be integrated with their current processes and highlighting its capabilities. She provides training and ongoing support to clients.

Team Players

We are a dynamic forward thinking enterprise. Our office based staff and advisers have exemplary track records in business and management. They combine technical know-how with a strategic mindset and a meticulous eye for detail.


We have various consultant experts on hand to help with areas such as refining risk assessment templates and workflow, to business development, art and design.


We take our work in compliance seriously, and never forget its importance on a human level. That’s why we believe so passionately in giving back to the communities around us, and putting the diverse skills in our team to work on dedicated social value projects.

We are bold and innovative and proud to have streamlined an area historically seen as complicated, and are passionate about using our technology to help drive your business.

We’ve created a diverse and supportive working culture that is both flexible and inclusive, making it an exciting and enjoyable place to work. We are proud to be a female led organisation.

We are always looking for like-minded people to join our dynamic team. Our mission is to bring order to data chaos and we believe that every organisation could benefit.

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About us

Riskhub has been developed to accommodate and streamline your workflow

Through decades of experience in the fire risk industry, co-founders of Riskhub Sarah & John Herbison identified a clear need for a centralised compliance management system that all relevant organisations could use. They called it Riskhub because they wanted to bring all the disparate elements of compliance together into one fluent dynamic system. While born within the social housing sector for fire risk assessments, the processes can be universally applied. Facilities companies, private management companies, retail chains to name but a few, would all benefit because the issues — data chaos and managing compliance obligations — remain the same.